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How to book a car in Nepal?
Firstly we suggest visiting our website portal here, which includes numerous cars and carriers you can rent from us. Choose the one you want to rent, then complete documentation and off you go.

What types of vehicle do you offer for rental?
We have more than 15 international brands ranging from hatchback, sedan, cross-over, SUV, passenger carrier and coach. Brands like Ford, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Jeep, Mercedes, Jaguar etc.

Do you also provide a driver along with the vehicle?
Normally yes, all vehicles on rental are included with a driver. Our drivers are professional and have years of driving experience. They are regularly trained for safety standards and customer service. Our drivers are disciplined and friendly who takes charge of crazy traffic, while you enjoy your ride.

What are the rates for renting a vehicle?
Renting a vehicle starts as low as Rs 1500. Rental depends on the type of vehicle you choose and where do you want to take – inside Kathmandu valley, outside the valley or dirt road. Just ask for a quote if you are confused.

Can I hire for the self-drive?
Yes, of course, you can hire a car for a self-drive. You are required to prove that you have at least 10 years of driving experience and pay a certain amount of security deposit before you take away for ride.

How many hours is one rental day?
The calculation of a rental day is based on 8 hours. 

What is one-way fee?
One way fee is a surcharge you pay if you will be dropped at a different location as the pick up location. The price will be shown in the price overview while booking. If not, we will send you an email about the costs after your booking is confirmed.

How old are the rental cars?
Our rental cars are not older than 5 years.

How can I pay for my booking?
Payment is paid either online or e-wallets such as e-Sewa. We can also collect your payment in our office in Sinamangal, Kathmandu.

Where can I find rental Terms and conditions?
Vehicle rental Term & Conditions can be read here.

How to cancel the booking?

What is a fuel policy?

What does the price include?
Our price includes practically everything – driver, fuel, parking, insurance and all the taxes unless specified otherwise. You don’t have to pay anything extra pertaining to car.

Can I take the rented car outside of the country? Eg India?

Is there any fee for extra mileage or hours?
There can be a possibility that you may run out of hours while you are travelling, in this case, we shall work out additional charges and let you know at the time when you make changes.

Can I rent child safety seat?
Yes. Please make sure you mention it while booking.

Why should I hire a car from you?
Nine Nepal, rent-a-car is a leading car rental/leasing company in the world as well as in Nepal. We have been providing this service for more than two decades and we have lots of repeated who are absolutely satisfied with our services. We may not be the cheapest car rental company but we definitely provide quality and reliable service at a reasonable price.

Can I get a car on per km rate?
Yes, please call us and ask for the quote, because the price depends on the type of vehicles.

If I still need additional information what should I do?
Just click here and tell us what you want to know.

How about long or short term lease?
Of course, you can lease the vehicles for a long or short term.
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